Transportation from O’Hare or Midway Airports

For those of you flying into O’Hare or Midway Airports and not wanting to rent a car, my contact suggest the following transportation: Depending on airport, fares will range from $31.00 – $39.00. Your drop-off location is Marriott Suites, Downers Grove, IL...

The Roots Family Reunion 2016
Chicago, Illinois, July 1-3, 2016

After Two Years . . .
Just Two Days to Go !

Check Back Often for Important Updates.

The Roots Family Reunion
Is Going to be a Knockout!

The Roots Family Remembers
Muhummad Ali
The Greatest
1942 – 2016


Muhummad Ali- Don't Miss the Reunion

The Roots Family Reunion 2016 is Almost Here!








I’ll attend the next

Roots Family Reunion . . .

 but now I just don’t have the time.

Besides, nothings really happened
in the past two years . . .

. . . or has it ? ? ?



  • We’ve cried tears of sorrow for those we’ve lost, and tears of joy for the newborn.

  • We’ve hiked the Appalachian Trial for two weeks, and explored Asia for a month.

  • We’ve run as a collegiate athlete, and played volleyball as an Olympian.

  • We’ve helped revitalize a city’s downtown, and renovated our own homes.

  • We’ve gotten engaged, and shared wedding vows.

  • We’ve graduated from high school & college, and begun study for graduate degrees.

  • We’ve celebrated 20+…30+…40+…50+…and 60+ year anniversaries.

  • We’ve moved to apartments in the city, and left empty nest in the suburbs.

  • We’ve begun new careers, and retired from the rat race.

  • We’ve risen to the rank of Lt. Col while defending the freedom we all enjoy.

  • We’ve searched for new wines in California, and undiscovered artist in Cuba.

  • We’ve bought new homes, and prepared others to sell .

  • We’ve been honored by Ebony Magazine as a Master Teacher and much more . . .

Hmmmmmm . . .   Perhaps a lot has happened

during the past two years

which needs to be celebrated and shared!


 We can’t wait to welcome you all back to Chicago,

and the 2016 Roots Family Reunion!