Roots Family & and Friends,

As the selected city for the Roots Reunion 2012, the Washington D.C. branch of the family tree looks forward to seeing all of you in two years. This next reunion marks the twentieth year that the family moved beyond the friendly confines of Cincinnati, to visiting the adopted home cities of family members. At the recent reunion we discussed changing the format to every year, to changing the datefrom the Fourth of July, to visiting our West-coast branch of the family. The consensus that prevailedwas that we have a formula that works, and that we shouldn’t try to fix it.

For long-range planning purposes, holding the Roots Family Reunion biennially (that’s every two years), around the Fourth of July weekend, and that to host the next reunion you have to be at the previous one, are the core concepts that have withstood the test of time.

Anyway you look at it, reunions are expensive, in both time and money. The number one excuse for not coming is the cost. We hope to keep the fee near what it was in the past, and look for sponsorship or fund-raising for the other activities. Every effort will be made to inform you of the price and dates of all events. We will let you know the when, where and how much, then it’s up to you. The intention is for you to treat this as a vacation with a reunion.

In an effort to keep cost down, some activities are going to be included in the base reunion fee, some will be suggested activities. While there are literally thousands of things we can do in Washington

Metro area, as in the past, the focus in will be pn the Roots Reunion Dinner. It will be held on Saturday, July 7, 2012 at 7:00 (“Seven, seven at seven”, get it?). Preliminary plans are for a semi-formal affair that will include live entertainment and a keynote speaker. If it sounds great, it’s going to be.

We hope you treat the Roots Family Reunion as a “Stay-cation”, the new word for vacationing at or near your home. With that in mind, we will present what we will be doing before and after the reunion. Some will be free, some we hope to be sponsored, some will cost. For most events children are invited, with childcare provided for a fee. Plan to include everyone in all activities. This is the framework. So, if you have a week, let’s get it on. But if you only have a day, don’t miss the Roots Reunion Dinner.

While the focus of the previous reunion was our nuclear family, the focus of 2012 will be our extended family and friends- the tree of the Roots. The theme is “Meet Me in D.C.” and the objective is to get as many of our lifelong associates and friends to plan on being in D.C. in 2012, specifically as was previously, at the Roots Reunion Dinner. Then, let’s use the occasion to introduce each other (and especially our children) to the people we know and trust. In short, to use it as a great networking opportunity.

This reunion we will harness the power of the internet. Expect to see the world-wide- web used to make this the best attended reunion ever. It will also provide a forum for using the social media that was not even thought of when we started twenty years ago. Additional we will document genealogy and oral history like never before. All and all, it is our objective to make this the biggest reunion ever, not just in size, but also in quality. So invite your extended family and friends. Ask them what are you doing the summer of twenty-twelve? Then, tell them to “Meet me in D.C.”

The Washington, D.C. Roots

lanning purposes. Everything iat this stage is subject to change, but this should get the conversation started.