By a unanimous show of hands, Miami was selected as the site of the biennial 2018 Roots Family Reunion. Since the RFR’s inception  in 1992, this will be the furthest south the reunion has ever been held. It also marks a changing of the guard, with Jumaane, Lauren and new baby Nataki N’Namdi stepping up to continue an idea, that has become a tradition. The torch has been passed to the next generation.

Miami was almost selected on the last go-round and except for a set of circumstances- Jumaane had an early flight, some of the old-heads had reservations about changing the formula that had worked for twenty years, and we had a willing host who had done it before, and we were certain could do it again. But this go-round marks a definite changing of the guard. Cincinnati placed its hat in the ring (and is the perennial Plan-B) but even Cincinnatians wanted something new. The site of Austin was placed in the ring, with KC and Dionne also marking a transition to the future. A dark horse had been North Carolina with another youth taking the lead, but it never gained traction. It was when Miami came up for a vote that the takeover by the future became clear.

The Youngin takeover was complete when an overwhelming show of unwrinkled hands were raised to say to go South. The “Geriatric Generation” has been supplanted by “Young Cousins”. The Chicago Clan did a great job of showing how to host a Roots style family reunion. Now it’s on to the next ones, and may they take it to another level. Truly, the Roots just keep on growing.

Jumaane N'Namdi Roots Family Reunion 2018 Host

Jumaane N’Namdi
Roots Family Reunion 2018 Host