Cincinnati Black Brigade Monument Dedication Honoring Our Descendants


To All  Members of the Roots Family,

The dedication of a memorial to the service of our forefathers in the defense of Cincinnati during to Civil War is to take place Sunday, September 9, 2012 on the Ohio Riverfront.

We are now included as descendants of George W. Roots, who along with Converse Roots, served in the  Black Brigade of Cincinnati during its siege. 

The Cincinnati Black Brigade Monument is a labor of love for Retired State Representative William Mallory (father of our current Mayor.)    It is almost impossible to believe that an event that happened 150 years ago is being celebrated today.  The riverfront park where the monument is located is part of the latest development along the river.  It is a beautiful park which opened last month.


The monument dedication and ceremonies are planned for Sunday, September 9, 2012.  All known descendants of the men of the Cincinnati Black Brigade are being asked to attend as honor is given to our forefathers.


Among the events are recognition of descendants in attendance, formal ceremonies, a reception at the Freedom Center, a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra concert and more still being finalized.  This is a unique, not to be repeated opportunity to celebrate family history AND to bring our family together again! 


I know we will make every effort, within our means, to return to our ROOTS and be near the hallowed ground where the free men of the Cincinnati Black Brigade were taken by force, yet their determination and hard work changed the course of history!


There is more information about the Cincinnati Black Brigade on our reunion website,


(And, in case you haven't heard, the ROOTS FAMILY REUNION 2014: Its Cleveland!
By an overwhelming vote, the Roots Family Reunion Planning Meeting 2012 selected Cleveland, Ohio as the site for the next family reunion in The "City by the Lake."  Cleveland represented both a new venue, and more importantly a new family member as host, Victor Challenger. So, it is on to Cleveland in 2014.)

Please pass this message on to anyone not listed. There was no intent to leave anyone out. Please send your addresses, contact phone numbers and send or confirm email addresses so that a family directory can be created and shared with everyone.